Folk Chorales and Songs
from the West Coast of Estonia

1. Prologue
2. "Ensamt" / "Alone"
3. Beställ omditt hus
4. Kes Jumalat nii laseb teha?
5. Ack mitt skepp
6. Mig dagen flyr
7. Världens frälsare komhär
8. See jõulupäev
9. En stjärna gick på himlen fram
10. Ett bröllop uti Kanan stod
11. Kas sureb nii mukõige armsam elu?
12. 10 jungfrur
13. I himmelen / Neil kõrgustel
14. "Tvåsamt" / "Together"
15. A boija båne
16. Epilogue / Thanks, Ormsö!

1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 13, 14 are recorded in
St. Olaf´s Church, Ormsö/Vormsi, Estonia,
7, 10, 15, 16 in Norderön Church, Sweden,
2, 4, 8, 12 in ARM Music Studio, Tallinn
Soundengineer Arvo Urb
Cover photo Tõnu Tormis
Design Margus Tõnnov

Sofia Joons
song, bowed harp, fiddle

Emma Härdelin song
Meelika Hainsoo
song, bowed harp, zither

Toivo Sõmer
Janne Strömstedt

  I came from Sweden to get to know Estonia, the land of my forefathers and -mothers. I suppose I was looking for That Something Special, and I have found it.

Two folk singers, Emma Härdelin from Sweden and Meelika Hainsoo from Estonia, are very dear to me, and so are the sounds of Toivo Sõmer´s zither and Janne Strömstedt´s harmonium. We made "Strand…Rand" together.

The way folk chorales were once sung on the west coast of Estonia, the area of Estonian Swedish culture, has become meaningful to me. The songs both overcome and contain the borders between Sweden and Estonia, home and church, heaven and earth.

Sofia Joons
autumn 2001

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(P) 2001 Johanson & Vennad / Sofia Joons
(C) 2001 Johanson & Vennad
Johanson & Vennad Ltd., Vene 14, 10123, Tallinn, Estonia,